Transform your Problem State into a Positive Habit in 4 Minutes a Day

I’d like to introduce you to an easy way to open your mind to higher possibilities, which lead to higher actions, in just 4 minutes a day! To work through a challenge you must become aware of the thoughts, emotions, and physiology that create your challenge or “problem state.” By becoming cognizant of what fabricates your problem state, you can start to transcend it. When you model the thoughts, feelings, and physiology of a person who is successful at what you seek to achieve (this person can be real, fictional, or a higher version of yourself), you can become free of your problem state.

Your Thoughts

You can change the quality of your thoughts by changing the quality of the questions you ask yourself. One way to do it is to ask what I call “Success Stimulating Why Questions”. Instead of asking repeatedly disempowering “why questions” such as, “why I’m such a loser?” or “why I am so shy?”  you will ask yourself questions in the following format:

  1. Choose the outcome you want as if you were creating an affirmation. Make sure to word it in the present, make it personal and positive, e.g. “I am successful” or “I am charismatic”
  2. Form a “why question” with the previous affirmation, e.g. “why am I successful?” or “why am I charismatic?”
  3. Add the word “choose” to the question, e.g. “Why do I choose to be successful?” or “Why do I choose to be charismatic?” The word “choose” makes the Success Stimulating Why Question believable to your subconscious mind. It is realistic and plausible since it turns the question into an ongoing process, instead of you claiming to be something that you aren’t. This can be the problem with affirmations. Saying something that is clearly not true to your reality makes it difficult, if not impossible, for your mind to grasp. Rather you are working towards something which gives you the power of your thoughts and imagination, breeding determination to make it your reality.

Success Stimulating Why Questions facilitate your ability to think with a purpose in mind and to covertly bypass the critical factor. This type of question gives your subconscious the freedom to choose the most efficient and elegant way to get to the wanted destination. It liberates the conscious mind from the distraction of having to strategize “how to get there.” In the process, it presupposes that you are already successful at the wanted state.

Use these questions like a mantra: Repeat the question with a childlike curiosity at least twenty-one times in a row, focusing on the question and not on the answer.

Your Physiology

To get out of the problem state and move into a state that is conducive to success, you must change your physiology. Start by interrupting the “problem state” by manipulating your physiology with some quick body hacks! (as shown in Figure A),


Figure A

Then consciously adopt the mannerisms that make up the physiology of the person or your future self that you are modeling. A way to do so is by utilizing what’s called the “Borrowed Genius Technique” (Dr. Vladimir Raikov and Win Wenger):

  1. Think of the person whose character traits you want to absorb.
  2. Notice how they stand, their facial expressions, their gestures, how they breathe and the words they use.
  3. Put yourself inside the person’s body so you can see, hear, and feel everything from their point of view.
  4. When you’re feeling totally in sync with the person, press your thumb and forefinger together once.
  5. Now, look at yourself in your full-length mirror. Imagine yourself “becoming” the person you want to emulate. Notice the expression on your face and the way you stand, just like the person you admire. Again, press your thumb and forefinger together once.
  6. Now, imagine yourself out in a public environment displaying all the qualities you wish to match. Press your thumb and forefinger together one more time to fix those qualities firmly in place.
  7. Whenever you want to call upon those qualities just press your thumb and forefinger together

Your Emotions

Once you have repeated the question twenty-one times and modeled the ideal physiology, your emotions will naturally and automatically move towards a resourceful state. You can crystallize this stage by asking yourself, -“what kind of positive emotions would a successful person have?”- and simply chose to integrate and live those emotions.

Finally, move fluidly through this loop a few of times (three to seven, back to back repetitions, should suffice). All in all, the whole process shouldn’t take more than four minutes for you to notice a positive change in your state. With a constant and mindful practice, the loop will become a habit, a habit that that will bring forth the wanted lifestyle.

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