How to Properly Build a Men’s Wardrobe (Introduction)



Have you ever tried to build your own closet? I understand if you believe it to be a daunting task, because there are so many variables and fashion changes constantly. Yet, if you still want to handle this undertaking on your own – and not depend on your mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, etc., – there are a few things you should know to ensure that you put together a dapper wardrobe. This guide will show you what you need to know in six easy to digest parts: measurements, fit, color, personality, advanced “sartorial aplomb” (for lack of a better phrase), and the philosophy of building the perfect closet.

First things first, to ensure you end up with a suitable outfit that will let you stand out, you must:

  1. Make sure all of your clothes have the proper fit and lets you be comfortable within them. If it doesn’t, you’ll have trouble looking good in your garments, and in some cases you will feel outright miserable wearing them.
  2. Check that your clothes fit your personality (so you can let your individuality shine).
  3. Build your wardrobe upon those colors that fit your skin, hair and eye color. This detail alone will work wonders and bring to life your outfits.

Now that you taken care of these three variables, you’re ready to learn how each individual module works on its own. Make sure to check in once a week to get the latest installment of this compendium.

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